Episode summary: Last night's PTA meeting accidentally opens a rift in spacetime, and Night Vale faces the consequences. Plus, changes afoot at the Night Vale Daily Journal, controversy at Radon Canyon, and our annual high school football preview!

Plot Developments:

  • The Night Vale Daily Journal will begin running ads on the front page, and has created a "Write Your Own News Story" program for interested citizens, as all staff writers have been laid off.
  • The Night Vale Scorpions are ready to take on Desert Bluffs in the upcoming season, especially junior quarterback Michael Sandero, who has received superpowers after being struck by a sentient lightning bolt and gaining a second head.

Episode Credits:

Release Date: August 1, 2012

Weather: "Closer" by The Tiny

Music: Disparition

Logo: Rob Wilson

Produced by Commonplace Books

Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor

Narrated by Cecil Baldwin

Previous Episode: Episode 3: Station Management

Next Episode: Episode 5: The Shape in Grove Park

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