A big part of the podcast's popularity is its large fanart community. Many commentators have directed thanks to tumblr for spreading word of the podcast's existance, especially through fanart, and some have even pointed at the large "Hannibal" television show fandom for picking up on the podcast and spreading it through word of mouth and fan love. While we have pictures of the actors who play parts on the show, especially Cecil Baldwin, it is mainly due to the fanart community that we have a sense(s) of what any of the characters in the podcast look like, or have maps of what Night Vale and Desert Bluffs look like. The enthusiasm of the fanart community for this podcast continues to pull in new listeners. The racial make-up of the characters has also been a very polarizing point in the fandom, and a large amount of discourse in the fandom focuses on the skin color of the characters in the podcast.

Mostly found in the tumblr community, the fanart community is widespread and has covered numerous parts of the town. Fanart includes many figures from Night Vale, including, particulary, these:

  • Cecil Baldwin, as the Voice of Night Vale, is one of the most common people drawn, and his appearance is a subject of great dispute among the fandom. Many fans give him purple tattoos featuring eyes, derivative of the logo for the podcast.
  • Carlos, a local scientist and Cecil's boyfriend, is also frequently depicted, often with Cecil in some manner (and typically a romantic one). He mostly wears a white labcoat.
  • The Hooded Figures in the Dog Park
  • Intern Dana
  • The angels and Old Woman Josie