The Dog ParkEdit

The Dog Park is a public city work created by Night Vale's City Council. Dogs and people are prohibited to enter the dog park and/or to acknowledge its existence. Time is warped there and it is said to house another dimension.

Desert BluffsEdit

Desert Bluffs is Night Vale's rival town, and is featured prominently in The Sandstorm (B). It is owned and governed by StrexCorp Synernists Incorporated and is initially presented in a saner light than Night Vale. Kevin is their radio announcer and their baseball team is named The Sunbeams. The city is generally focused on positive thinking, motivational messages, and "work hard to receive rewards" kind of propaganda administered by the incorporation.

Desert Flower Bowling Alley and Arcade ComplexEdit

A bowling and arcade facility owned by Teddy Williams. About ten feet under Lane 5's pin retriever, there is a violent subterranean civilization that tries to invade and attack Night Vale with its army, which is ruled by a child king.

Imaginary Cornfield Edit

A cornfield with imaginary corn. A very rare crop found in Night Vale, grown by John Peters, the farmer. Imaginary corn can grow on any kind of terrain without the need of irrigation, fertilizers, or pesticides.

The Whispering Forest Edit

A beautiful and alluring forest that suddenly appears out of nowhere just outside of the town, and where Intern Richard investigated and is now lost forever.