The Twitter feed for WTNV is very active and contains many interesting words of wisdom, warning, wonder, and fear...

The Twitter for WTNV is split between creepy, short tweets:

Tweet 1

Odd connections to "random" paintings:
Tweet 2

A number of tweets have covered multiple paintings with curious connections. Of course, the content is dark and obscure, like most of Night Vale. What else would it be?

Discussion on WTNV live events, guest appearances and interviews:
Tweet 3

On rare occasions, the Twitter serves as another valuable source for news on the podcast.

And discussion amongs officials and fans over merchandise:
Tweet 4

Many fans also love to interact in a sort of live-action RP session with site, creating imitation dark fantasy tweets on a range of topics. It is also possible that the WTNV Twitter folks simply find creepy tweets and reblog them because the subjects are similar. Or the tweets find their way there, where they have always belonged. What are tweets, anyway? What is Twitter?